Date: Thu, Jan 20, 2022, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Recurs: Weekly on Thu, Jan 20 to Feb 24, 2022

Category: Education




Held at the Sanibel Community House

2173 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL

7:00PM Start Time - Doors open at 6:30PM

Suggested Donation - $10.00 per person


January 6th, 2022 “Heron Foraging Behavior” – Herons & Egrets are part of one family, yet dine differently. Dr. Jerry Jackson, of FGCU and host of WGCU’s radio show, “With the Wild Things” will focus on the Heron & Egret family’s diets, feeding habitats, and unique adaptations to consume their daily meals.


January 13th, 2022 – "History of Shorebird Conservation on Sanibel and Captiva"Local shorebird biologist, Audrey Albrecht, will divulge the history of the Islands’ shorebird conservations partnerships and celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the Snowy Plover Project.


January 20th, 2022 – “Swallow-tailed Kite and Snail Kite Conservation - Contrasting ecology, identical threats Dr. Ken Meyer, founder of Avian Research Conservation Institute (ARCI), will summarize what ARCI’s research has taught us about the conservation ecology of Swallow-tailed Kites and Snail Kites, including how our actions - and inactions - cloud their futures. Most importantly, however, we will see how informed management and skillful conservation planning can capitalize on these birds’ natural resilience to build sustainable populations.


January 27th, 2022 "Adrift in a Sea of Red: Brevetoxicosis in Seabirds” – Local Red Tide blooms have devastating effects on a myriad of local fauna. But, through tragedy comes innovation. CROW’s Dr. Heather Barron will discuss Red Tide’s effects on local bird species and CROW’s newly developed treatment modalities.


February 3rd, 2022 “Birding the Sky Islands of Southeast Arizona” Join Peter Hawrylyshyn as he takes you on a photographic journey to one of the nation’s legendary birding hot spots. Using his superb photographs, the talk will focus on the unique biomes and climate of the region, the impact of global warming, the logistics of planning a trip and where/when to find many of the specialty species.


February 10th, 2022 - "Wetlands, Water and Wood Storks" – Join Dr. Shawn Clem as she discusses what Audubon scientists are uncovering about recent hydrological change in Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary’s wetlands and a possible correlation with declining Wood Stork nesting. *Special Dinner offered prior to lecture 


February 17th, 2022 “A World on the Wing” – The San-Cap Audubon Society is proud to present New York Times bestselling author, Scott Weidensaul. Mr. Weidensaul’s extensive fieldwork and passion for ornithology has helped him unveil the science and wonder of bird migration.


February 24th, 2022"Rookery Monitoring and other Resource Management within the SWFL Aquatic Preserves - It 'takes a village' to monitor and manage Rookery Islands in our area. Birds utilize Rookery Islands from Estero all the way up to Charlotte Harbor. Enjoy a 2-for-1 presentation including Abrianna Sadler from Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission and Arielle Taylor-Manges from Florida's Department of Environmental Protection as they shine a light on the area's local “Wading and Diving Bird Rookery Monitoring Program".



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