Sanibel Yoga-Gentle

Date: Tue, Feb 18, 2020, 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM

Recurs: Weekly on Tue and Thu, Feb 4 to Apr 30, 2020

Category: Education

T & TH 11:15am GENTLE: Transform your well-being in this kind, gentle, therapeutic yoga experience for releasing stress. These classes cater to those who want or need a slower approach, no matter your age or what has happened in your body. Everyone will learn how to decode YOUR body’s language and how to proceed for a super safe, explorative and transformative experience. Both standing and floor sequences are implemented along with clear concise instruction & utilization of numerous props making this class great for the beginner or those with physical impairments, flexibility or structural issues, or those who desire a deeper body/mind connection due to heavy stress load. Focal points are on spinal and joint mobility, balancing, stretching, and strengthening the body. Leave calm, centered, refreshed and renewed. Instructor: Dr. Susan Pataky -Sanibel Yoga: 239.738.3856


TH 10am All-Level: Carefully designed use of both active & restorative asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra, meditation, & guided relaxation. Release tension stored in deeper regions, soothe all that ails you all while learning how to align postures properly for your particular body, age, & experience level. Learn and refine key actions to develop greater awareness of postural fundamentals, precise alignments & efficient use of the breath for this full-spectrum experience that will gently re-unite the body/mind connection. This 1hr. class welcomes beginners & those with yoga experience of any level. Instructor: Dr. Susan Pataky -Sanibel Yoga: 239.738.3856


T- 10am-Vinyasa: Various Suryas or a combo(Sun Salutes) get the juices flowing, the body warm. Next, Flow into a dynamic asana practice to improve strength, stability and freedom in your body. Hone your practice with tried and true methods which educate on how to deepen your practice as well as how to open, expand and yield greater mobility and sustained flexibility in the body/mind system. -*This Dynamic practice is open to those with at least 1+year experience committed consistent practice. Instructor: Dr. Susan Pataky -Sanibel Yoga: 239.738.3856


Yoga Classes


SCA Members-$18/Non-Members-$20

Class packages also available-Drop-in’s ALWAYS WELCOME

Limited props Available=FREE


More Info: Dr. Susan Pataky – SANIBLEYOGA.COM - 239.738.3856 - 2173 Periwinkle Way

-Certified Yoga Therapist(IAYT), 40 yrs Teaching Yoga & 17 yrs proudly Serving Sanibel-

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