Who We Are

Mission Statement:
"To enrich community spirit through educational, cultural and social gatherings in our historic Community House."
The Sanibel Community Association (SCA) operates “The Community House." 
The Community House is considered to be "The Heart of the Island", with its rich history as serving islanders as both a gathering place for island activities as well as a rental space for private events.
Built in 1927, The land upon which the SCA sits was donated by one of Sanibel's original residents, Cordie Nutt. Keeping The Community House in service to the community is a Sacred Trust carried on by the board of directors.
The Community House is considered to be the birthplace of most island organizations and clubs, providing meeting space as well as a space for fundraisers. Most of these clubs and non-profit organizations exist today and still consider The Community House to be their "Home".
History is rich within the walls of The Community House.  The Historic "North Room" has been open to the public since 1927. We invite you to stop in for a tour and see for yourself where it all began.

What We Are

The Community House serves as the historical heart of the island. Any public, private, individual, or group is welcome.

Today, We Are

  • A vibrant, growing and expanding center hub of the island.
  • Dedicated to meeting the continued needs of our community, and we are constantly updating our house and programs.
  • An example of a modern yet environmentally friendly building with historic charm
  • Proud to have a kitchen that is equipped with high-efficiency appliances and environmentally friendly bathrooms

The Community House strives to become an eco-friendly home all the while keeping our commitment to honoring our rich history by preserving our historic rooms.​