Kitchen Guild Takes ‘Farm To Table’ Seriously

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

To celebrate the Community House’s grand re-opening this season, and to begin to produce promised field trips, the Kitchen Guild will be visiting Three Suns Ranch in Punta Gorda, on Saturday, May 13th. A group of up to 20 will tour this bison ranch, and see how quality livestock is produced for our human consumption! As an added bonus, it is birthing season on the ranch, so the miracle of life will, for the low-low-price of $17-a-head, be included for the members of our lovely Guild!

Members can contact Jan at the Community House 239-472-2155 to register. Marge Meek will serve as tour organizer and finalize all details with members before the date.
If you are interested in joining the Kitchen Guild (cute baby Bison and fun food events await!!) please fill out the form below, to be put into contact with Marge Meek or Salli Kirkland, who can add you to the newsletter and help you get details!