SCA Staff & Job Openings

Teresa Riska-Hall
Executive Director
Janet Remmel
Office Coordinator
Jarred Harris
Resident Chef
 Sarah Jacobson
Director of Marketing and Events

Job Openings

Current Positions open:  

Title: Facility, AV/TECH  & Meeting Coordinator

Reports to: Executive Director

Job Goal: To assist Executive Director, Staff and SCA Board Members with the AV/Tech needs of our facility guests as well as to assure all meetings are set and clients are satisfied; to assist with maintenance of building and supervise set up personnel, to ensure that all buildings and grounds provide a safe, clean and attractive environment for all users.  Meet with clients regularly. 

Responsibilities by Function



  • Monitor all linen inventory and place orders according to need.  Keep linen secure
  • Manage building facility users will have their event with all their requested items from their invoice
    • Meet with Facility Users
    • Requested set up will be completed on time
    • Requests for accessories (such as microphones and podium) and linens will be set out and working for their event
    • Open the building to the users, set rooms
    • Ensure timely placement of necessary event signage in a timely manner
    • Demonstrates to users how to use the sound system
    • Works with the Executive Director when signs must be newly ordered or updated
    • Maintains the order/cleanliness of the grounds after an outside event such that ropes, signage, rented equipments, and debris are properly handled.
    • Develop a liquor inventory process, monitor use and supervise volunteer bartenders.  Determine order levels and order/receive liquor under direction of Executive Director

(Building/Grounds/Parking Lot (both sides)

  • Handles the maintaining, repairing, and daily physical operation of The Community House
  • Supervises, schedules all contractors under the direction of Executive Director
  • Ensures that all building maintenance, repair and housekeeping activities are identified, scheduled and completed.
  • Develop a system for cleaning, repair and maintenance of facilities.
  • Develop back-up or alternative systems for common problems such as power shortage.
  • Ensure the safety of the building or establishment from fire, flood and other hazards.
  • Initiate an active campaign on safety measures in the building that includes fire safety, electrical, plumbing and or air conditioning monitoring.
  • Educate the workers of the establishment on the proper use and care of its equipment and other facilities.
  • Recommends alterations or renovations to existing buildings
  • Assists fire safety, electrical, plumbing, and or air conditioning monitoring that are required
  • Schedules and supervises any grounds/landscaping needs with approval of Executive Director
  • Ensures that services such as waste removal, pest control, cleaning are provided and completed when needed
  • Ensures that stored chemical products/supplies are sealed, clearly labeled, and in the appropriate storage area
  • Responds to building and grounds emergencies as necessary
  • Recommends and implements building assignments and schedules for all the maintenance staff
  • Maintains an appropriate inventory of cleaning, maintenance, repair and related supplies.
  • Perform other duties  as directed by Executive Director


  • Works with Executive Director regarding necessary purchases, storage, distribution and reordering when necessary
  • Provides input regarding capital planning projects for the buildings and grounds
  • Handles reception duties of greeting guests, answering the phone, following up on requests.
  • Performs duties, tasks, and responsibilities as assigned by Executive Director


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