Sissi Free Painting Lesson

Hello my artist friends!
I have been thinking of you and missing your smiling faces and sweet hugs. 
So I decided to send you a FREE lesson and introduce this cute cuddly burrowing owl couple to you with a step-by-step explanation that will help you to paint them yourself.
There are only 4-steps to this easy acrylic on a black background canvas painting.
You can use any size canvas. I used a black canvas 12 x16 inch and one #8  brush and one #12 brush.
Colors: white, orange, yellow, light green, light blue, dark green, pink, purple, black
First step: 
Our drawing is very simple and needs no explanation. Even if your proportions are not like mine it’s fine. 
Some owls have longer bodies and smaller heads and bigger eyes, etc. There are no rules.  
Second step: 
We paint the bottom of the canvas, which could be a branch or the ground, in orange. 
Then we paint the background in light blue. I am using diluted paints.
 This way it has a soft glow of the black coming through and you don’t get unnecessary brush marks.
Third step:
While the background is still a little wet make large brush strokes in light and dark green all over the back, so it looks like mangrove leaves. 
If the light blue background is already completely dry just wet it with water and then use your large brush for the leaves.
If you happen to make some marks with the greens into the owls you can easily paint over them with black.
When you are ready to paint the owls make them slightly wet except for the eye areas. Use your smaller or #8 brush to make purple marks like feathers around the outside of their bodies and their heads. These marks are inside the owls. 
Then keep adding white to your brush and move more and more to the inside of the body and around the eyes and nose until you have pure white on your brush for their bellies and their eyebrows. 
The legs are a purplish/white mixture. 
I like to leave a little bit of black showing around the body and legs of the owls, so they pop out against the background.
Fourth step:
Now we add the eyes in yellow and and the beaks in orange. Leave some black around them or add some black if you need. 
You might want to get another smaller brush for this detail work.
Now you are done with the owls and could add some more colors to the background leaves and to the bottom part where they are standing .
The bottom/branch could use some strokes of pink and purple to make it more interesting.
As you can see I did 3 versions of the owls. Just change the colors to the version you like and keep on going with more detail.
It’s up to you how little or how much detail you would like to see on this painting.
You probably will have so much fun doing it that you don’t want to stop.
Have fun with these funky fluffy owls and feel them being close and cuddly with each other! 
No social distancing there, just lots of love and sweetness!
Please send me pictures of the finished product. I am so so curious to see what you guys came up with.
Sending you big hugs and keep on painting :)
Sissi Janku Art Studio
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