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The Community House is the islands’ “home” where friends and residents meet to socialize at events and programs presented by The Sanibel Community Association.  The SCA is the non-profit organization that funds and directs the operation of our Community House.
We invite you to be part of an organization that supports the community with social events, programs and volunteer opportunities, as well as providing low fee rental space for all island non profits, service organizations, clubs… and much more.
Your membership enables The Community House to expand programs to meet the growing needs of the community, offer additional benefits to its members and provide affordable entertainment and education to the entire community.  Current Fees are Individual $50, Family $100 and Business $150.  Click here to join.
Please remember we are a 501 (c)3 and rely solely on donations, our events, membership and facility usage fees. We are not subsidized by any government agency.

Things To Know

  • After 90+ years, the Community House continues to stand in its original location and is being updated in all areas of the facility.
  • 104 organizations and over 100,000 people currently use the House for yearly activities.
  • This doesn't include weddings, celebrations of life and sporadic rentals! Altogether, this is why it was vital that the House be brought up to date, both visually and functionally.
  • There is no public funding for the House. This is Your Community House and it has relied and continues to rely on the support of islanders to survive!
  • Unique programming will be implemented; revolving around the theme of culinary education, youth programs, and more!